Can be paralleled up to 30MW of power

600 kW
Up to 90%
400-480 VAC
50/60 Hz, Grid Connect<br>10-60 Hz, Stand Alone
3-Phase, 4-Wire Wye
3.0 m (117 in)
5.8 m (230 in)
2.9 m (114 in)
Grid Connect – 11,250 kg (24,800 lbs); Dual Mode – 13,350 kg (29,400 lbs)
10.9 MJ/kWh (10,300 BTU/kWh)
280 ºC (535ºF)
4.0 kg/s (8.8 lbm/s)
Natural Gas, Biogas (Landfill, Digester), Associated Gas, Sour Gas, LPG
C600S Digester Gaspdf
C600S High Pressure Natural Gaspdf
C600S High Pressure Sour Natural Gaspdf
C600S ICHP High Pressure Natural Gaspdf
C600S ICHP Liquid Petroleum Gaspdf
C600S ICHP Low Pressure Natural Gaspdf
C600S Landfill Gaspdf
C600S Liquid Petroleum Gaspdf
C600S Low Pressure Natural Gaspdf