Capstone Power Solutions offers customers enhanced projects solutions by designing, installing and maintaining Capstone Turbine equipment.

The business focus is in the existing need of the UK customer to become greener, reduce energy costs and use fuels that traditionally were not part of the energy mix.

Capstone Power Solutions offers a unique technology that provides a distinctive advantage to customers in niche applications, making substantial energy savings compared to current technologies or existing equipment.

Capstone turbines is a pioneer technology for power generation at customer site, implementing CHP applications serving manufacturing, industries and water waste treatment plant customers amongst many others.

Oil & Gas customers have benefited from Capstone turbines in several ways; from flare reduction programs even enabling the use of gases unsuitable for use with traditional technologies. Capstone stands out for its long-term service intervals and unparalleled availability.

Capstone Turbine has enabled customers to make a choice to use a different technology. Nowadays the customer’s criteria and decision drivers have moved on from being pure economic, to differentiation, environmental commitment and total cost of ownership.