Battery Energy Storage


Capstone offers clean, cost-effective modular Lithium-Ion battery energy storage systems (BESS) for a wide range of on or off-grid applications. Our containerized BESS product can be used as energy-storage devices for power harnessed from renewables or the grid, as uninterruptible power supply when grid power is available, or as main power sources when it is not. Paired with Capstone’s foundational microturbine technology, the solution guarantees a continuous reliable energy supply.

In a typical application, a Capstone microturbine serves as the main power source in sites where grid power is unavailable or unreliable. The microturbine is flexible and scalable and the output power can be increased or decreased according to demand.


  • Telecom Base Station
  • Microgrids
  • Education
  • Municipal (local government)
  • Communication
  • Emergency Response

Applications and Markets

Capstone’s BESS solution can be rapidly deployed in on-grid or off-grid applications.

On-grid: Peak shaving and energy arbitrage, for BESS-only or paired with Solar PV or Microturbines.

Off-grid: Backup resiliency and multi/DER microgrid controls.

Applications range from remote Telecom Base Stations, Microgrids, Education, Municipal (local government), Communication, Emergency Response.


  • Stabilizing the power grid
  • Lower energy cost through renewable integration
  • Power conditioning
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • Energy storage

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